If evicted, where will unhoused Union Point residents go?

Unhoused residents (left to right) Matt Long, Deanna Riley, and Edward Hanson stand behind a barricade at Union Point Park. Photo by Zack Haber on February 28.
Oakland Homelessness Administrator Daryel Dunston (left) and Union Point resident Matt Long (right) discuss a possible relocation site which sits near the park on February 9. They later found the parcel unusable as it belongs to the Port of Oakland and not the City. Photo by Zack Haber.
A parcel of public land on the corner of 23rd Ave and East 12th Street. Residents discussed this parcel with Homelessness Administrator Daryel Dunston as a possible site for a co-governed encampment. Photo by Zack Haber on February 23.
A portion of a barricade near an entrance at Union Point Park that residents and activists have created to slow a possible eviction. Photo on February 28 by Zack Haber.




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Zack Haber

Zack Haber

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